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Project 14 Project 14

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That's really impressive. Your friend must be the happiest guy on Earth!
I just feel kinda weird about the legs and feet, but the rest is really cool. Keep it up!

Ramatsu responds:

Yeah i wasnt too happy about the legs either. but i noticed it after the fact i inked the piece that they seemed wonky relatively small the more i look at them now.

Migraines! Migraines!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I truly love the yellow/green bits, giving different impressions depending on their use (pattern on the "mask", "feathers"...)
It really adds this dynamic feeling, even if the creature is in a standing, static position.
Without these it would be pretty dull I think. So great job, this is impressive!

PS: Thanks a lot for the advice on my witch doctor fanart, it's really helpful!

Revolutsia responds:

The "Feathers" Or what were intended to be flames were added halfway through this, mostly because I wanted to experiment with flame-work that I failed miserably on my previous submission to this. It also managed to take up a 'lil empty space that I wanted out of it.
This is however a design I would to further upon in the future, not the picture but the character. Maybe even an OC if I can give it enough of a human like resemblance to it in a rework.

Your very welcome for the review of your piece also.